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    Dagarna går så fort nu och jag njuter verkligen av att få vara föräldraledig. Nu mer än någonsin. Mitt barn är så himla roligt att umgås med. I början när han var nyfödd var han mer av ett paket. Han sov, åt och sov. Nu är han en person. En person som är så sjukt rolig att umgås med. Det bästa han vet är att jag överdrivet besvarar honom. Liksom reagerar gånger 100 när han snackar med mig. Svarar honom entusiastiskt med mycket ansikte ”Nej men guuuuuuuuud, berätta meeeeeeer”. Tänk er hur Hannah Widell och Amanda Schulman pratar med varandra i deras podcast Fredagspodden. Exakt sådär reagerar jag på hans snack och han kiknar av skratt. Det är så gulligt att jag inte vet vart jag ska ta vägen. Han tycker att jag är bäst. Jag tycker att han är bäst.

    Annars läser jag Kugges bok. Är nästan klar. Har sådär 40 sidor kvar och lovar att jag ska skriva om den efteråt. Har även hängt med Jonski. Kaffedejt <3Moi!Ni måste hålla med om att mina sex euros tulpaner från Plantagen är fantastiska? Klättrade även upp med Björnie på berget bakom vårt hus med babybjörnen på. Ser lite ledsen ut här för jag hade just gråtit åt Hanapees otroliga podcast. Lyssnade på deras senaste avsnitt där hon förklarade så bra hur man blir lite nyfrälst känslomässigt som gravid. Men grät framförallt åt berättelsen om när hennes bror föddes med tarmarna utanför kroppen. Sådär som vi trodde att B skulle göra. Tänk att vi trodde att hans mage var öppen mellan första och andra ultraljudet innan det visade sig vara falskt alarm. Ändå flera veckor vi bara gick runt och var oroliga. Fy. Nej men jag gråter så lätt åt historier med barn numera. Historien om att det opererades massor på Hanapees prematurfödda bror utan smärtstillande fick mig nästan att stänga av podden helt. Tydligen visste man inte året 1985 att spädbarn kan känna smärta. Fy fan. Gråter varje gång jag tänker på det. Hemma åt jag vegetarisk pasta bolognese på Belugalinser. B fick smaka en miniklick och älskade sitt liv. Sats och Elixia har numera gratis onlineträning. Har kört deras Strong Mama två dagar i rad nu. Träning anpassat för nyblivna mammor. Lagom. Efter det gick jag och B rundan genom skogen och byvägen tillbaka. Well done.

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    Red squirrels relocated to Highlands woodland

    Before diving into details of what is creativity and ways you can achieve that, let me ask you first. What do you think is creativity? Stop reading this article right away. Start your favorite word processing software and write down your pearls of wisdom about creativity. Go ahead.

    If you are done, you might have come across something like this. Creativity is something new. It is innovative. It solves problems.

    Creativity always brings to mind the names of some important personalities like Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Stephen Hawking, Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, Shakespeare, Seth Godin, Charlie Chaplin or some other popular figure of the similar league.

    “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

    – Buddha

    People take a number of different positions on account of what is creative. It seems that everyone is yet to arrive at a logical conclusion.

    Let us explore some other dominant point of views on creativity

    Creativity Is Non-Industry Specific

    Creativity has touched on almost every possible industry. It can be found in linguistics, design, technology, psychology, cognitive science, and healthcare. You name it and it is there. It would not be wrong to say that anybody and everybody can use creativity for creation, innovation and problem-solving.

    It Is About Getting Knowledge

    It can be safely said that the more knowledge you have the more liberty you have to create something new. It makes sense too. Let’s say you are a small business and you are approached by a student of computer science working on artificial intelligence to create a print advertisement on that.

    They will not expect you to get a Master’s degree on computer science but you have to have an in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence to have an idea about why it is beneficial to the client’s target audience. Knowledge is an immense power to create something new, fresh and innovative out of it.

    Novelty Is the Essence of Creativity

    A lot of people agree that creativity has a predominant novelty factor attached to it. It could be a new joke. It could be a new way of looking at things. It could be a new perspective to a cliché concept or a fresh analysis of the event.

    Advertisers have used this technique to make millions of dollars for their clients and themselves. Remember the Apple Macintosh commercial? Nothing similar happened ever before like that. This is called novelty and it is an important aspect of creativity.


    It is a Fusion if Different Ideas

    Novelty in creativity is often achieved by blending two or more completely unrelated ideas to create a new one, specifically called conceptual blending. Example, Metaphor, and analogy are used to apply this technique. ”Swimming with the sea of sharks” is a linguistic metaphor used by writers to depict the intensity of the potential risk involved in doing something.

    It Is Valuable

    Creativity is not valuable if it doesn’t hit the mark to create value. How can creativity drive value and who is calling the shots? Creativity produces the value if it does what it is intended for. The simplest example would be an advertisement commercial. If a commercial, intended to increase sales, does not get the job done, it is not valuable no matter how fresh, innovate and creative it is.

    It is About Imagination

    Creative people possess above average imagination. They have a special eye to observe nature, people, things, concepts, and almost everything. They can quickly tap into their imaginative power and source inspiration out of it without a hassle.

    Creativity is a concoction of different things. It is about infusing the different ideas to create something new and original. The aforementioned are some of the elements that define creativity in parts. Hope it helps you learn the different facets of creativity.

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    50 Amazing Examples of Portrait Photography

    Accompanied by the serenity and vastness of the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland serves as one of the most peaceful yet extraordinary retreats for the aspirant ones who find salvation in travelling around the world. It in-fact has been ranked as the most peaceful country of the world by the Global Peace Index of 2017.

    The quietude of the country along with the abundance of natural marvels is incomparable as well as astounding. Intense volcanic and tectonic activity that happened in the past gradually led to the formation of distinctive land forms that are nowhere to be seen in any other part of this planet. Apart from natural brilliance Iceland is also known for its bustling night life full of parties and entertainment.

    Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age.

    James Joyce

    Consulting a travel guide and tour operator would be the most effective thing to do because such agencies can help fix accommodations, flight bookings and tour packages at affordable rates. If the traveler pursues his/her journey by pre-booking all the necessities there will be no hindrances in the future.

    • Enjoy some local food, brews and views
    • Visit Some of the many state parks
    • Spot the famous Bixby Creek bridge
    • An unforgettable visit to Big Sur, California

    Such mlvpures are suitable especially during holiday slvpons such as Christmas, when millions of tourists flood the entire country to enjoy invigorating moments. It even becomes impossible to get instant bookings for holiday activities like taking a fresh dip in the Blue Lagoon.

    Places you can go for

    One of the best tours for Iceland would be around the Golden Circle. This part of Iceland encompasses volcanic terrain, glaciers, beautiful farmhouses for leisurely stops, an earthquake exhibition center, the Thingvellir National Park and the highly renowned Gulfross Waterfall.

    “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

    – Buddha

    One will have several options to learn about the Icelandic culture and geography, witness nature, venture into thrilling parts such as volcanic craters or perhaps ice-formed caves and altogether obtain spiritual bliss amidst the breath-taking falls.

    Other popular destinations include a tour to the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), which is also a very occasional event and the Southern Coast. The southern Icelandic parts also include popular tourist destinations such as hot water springs and the world famous black beaches (coastal regions shrouded by black sand).

    What can we summarize?

    Firstly, it is always best to prepare before the trip. This should be everyone’s first step to enjoy a hassle-free experience amidst the scenic heritage of the world’s most peaceful country. Due to the inflating amount of tourists every single thing ranging from hotels to flights and transport services gets flooded and so instant bookings become a vague possibility.

    It’s safe to say that one single visit to Iceland is not enough to fulfill a traveler’s wanderlust. The country has so many naturally enriched destinations, adventure-filled spots and a colorful city like Reykjavik that it indeed lures people back again.

    “The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.”

    Gautama Buddha

    The tourism industry has progressively expanded with a significant rise in international visits every year. This in-turn has solved various regional as well as economical issues of the country. The amount of tourists has reached thrice as higher than the native population and is likely to grow even more due to the distinctive features which this beautiful snow-capped country offers.

    With pre-booking methods and help from significant operators tourists will have all the comfort they need during the trip. Such agencies suitably arrange mini-bus tours, accommodations and also include extra-tour-breaks for the leisurely delight of visitors. Hence, over-crowded places can be avoided and people can travel in luxury, altogether enjoying the sublimity of the Icelandic heritage without having to go through a scarcity of hotels.